Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still a little wise..

So I guess the dentist decided to pro-long my pain and agony. Apparently, there is some kind of infection with the wisdom tooth and she said that it isn't safe to extract during this period. She put me on antibiotics (which is not that great coz I drink for a living - sort of) and its a 3 day course and then I gotto go back next Tuesday to pull that damm tooth out.
It's been reported that our ancestor's are able to accommodate all 32 teeth that a normal human being is suppose to have due to their large jaw lines. In recent years, due to lack of screaming and crying during our infant years, caused the jaws to not develop to a larger size like our ancestors hence why it cannot fit all 32 teeth in our mouth. So guess what happens - the last teeth to develop - the wisdom tooth, are the victims because they develop but have no space to grow hence affecting the gums and raising the need to extract. Many dentist actually prefer to extract these tooth regardless if it gives problems or not to avoid future complications.
I guess I won't be attending any social functions for awhile unless society accepts me consuming mocktails & soft drinks - come to think of it, forget society - I don't think I have the will-power to stay away from alcohol. No I'm not an alcoholic - alcoholics deny that they are addicted to booze. Me on the other hand, accept that fact so I'm just an alcohol lover. Anyways, thats another blog entry story for another time. Maybe I should try writing something when I'm completely pissed drunk.....I'm sure alot of people would love to read that.
I'm off to take more drugs now.

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