Friday, July 11, 2008


There are some things that I guess I will never understand no matter how many times people try to explain to me. I was out with some friends a while ago and met some new people through my friends. Ok, this is complicated but anyways, here goes. There is this 40 year old dude – single (never married), no girlfriend, looks like a loser and act like one as well. He apparently portrays a “brotherly” figure for one of his colleague coz apparently she is young and does some stupid things in life. So, while they were out drinking, she was dancing and drinking and having a good time with one of her friends in a club. Things got heated and they started making out. After that, they all went for supper and that was where the drama happened – this 40 year old virgin (I can bet my last dollar he is) just gets up and starts walking back. Now, they were having supper in Taman Tun and he walked all the way back to Damansara Perdana at 3am…..can you imagine. The reason was – he didn’t like the fact that this girl was all over this other guy and that they were gonna “DO IT”.
Now, firstly, they are not blood siblings so what gives him the right to dictate what she can and cannot do? Secondly, just because he isn’t getting any coz he’s ugly and a loser, doesn’t mean everyone around him must stay away from doing anything either. What would that do to our country? Can you imagine a nation that doesn’t have sex? OH!MY!GOD! That’s not event an option. It’s proven that sex makes you live longer – which brings me to another fact – he is 40 so how long does he have? Just kidding! That was bad.
Someone actually told me that he doesn’t like me coz I’m a social person and that I’m a person that takes the attention away from him. Buddy – piece of advise – if you don’t like me, then you shouldn’t drink from my bottle!

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