Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Home, My Sanctuary (Temporary)

My first blog about Jakarta obviously needs to be my latest bachelor pad - so to speak but I tend to live my life a family man! I found this really nice and comfy condo very near the office - can't walk though. I live real Hollywood style - the name of the property is "Bellagio Parkway Residence" - yes! the Vegas Bellagio chain. How cool is that! It is connected to the Bellagio Mall so you can imagine what I do on the weekends. :)
This is what you see the moment you enter the apartment. Immediately, you see the dining table and the living room.
This is the plasma screen in my bedroom facing the bed. Somehow, I must have a TV in my room or else I can't sleep.
This is my bed. It is really comfortable. I am actually using the 2nd bedroom as my room coz the master bedroom doesn't have a TV. I compromised on the attached bathroom.
This is the common bathroom (which is now my bathroom but located on the outside). So cool.
And it has a tub. Mmmmm!!!!! For the record, I had no control over furnishing and color scheme as it is a fully furnished unit.
This is my living room where all the movie watching and hanging out happens!
The selling point in choosing this unit - the 42' Philips LCD TV with home-entertainment system by Philips as well. Feels just like home.
This is the 3rd room which is my office. No work gets done here.
This is actually the master bedroom and this is the bed. It's kinda small for me but it can fit 2 people. More suitable for my parents, etc.
This is the master bedroom bathroom. It also has a shower screen area.

So, as you can see, things are comfy for me here in Jakarta. And I am actually quite well taken care of by the company I work for. Who says alcohol bring bad habits!!!


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