Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night in Jakarta

This is probably my first Friday night in Jakarta which I have to myself:)
So I have the liberty to plan a night out with some mates who are visiting from Malaysia for a nice chill out session.
One of my buddy - Sam Middlehurst from KL is here working as well for the week so am catching up with him. I haven't seen this kid for the longest time and so a catch up is definitely way over-due.
Probably grab a drink at one of those trendy bars in Jakarta - either Lowey in Mega Kuningan or Shy Bar in Kemang.
Either way, you will all see pictures next week.


Anonymous said...

Lowey is a cool place, open space airy not too bright loads of expats. Great to people watch. Sorry byk komen la pak ...

Jigga said...

ngak usah risau. udah biasa dgn komen ke-gini

ShaolinTiger said...

Good to see you updating again bro, we missed you at Black Circuit this past Saturday :D