Sunday, February 22, 2009

Johnnie Walker 1805

In July 2005 Johnnie Walker, one of the world’s top whisky brands, celebrated the birth of its founder with the release of this special edition blend specially created by the Johnnie Walker Master Blender, Jim Beveridge. It has been made with the best whiskies, which are all at least 45 years old and have been predominantly selected from distilleries that no longer exist.
Only 200 bottles of the special blend, created by the makers of the luxury whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label, were ever produced and none have ever been available for retail sale. Experts estimate the value of the whisky to be well over £10,000 per bottle. The whisky is best sampled with a glass of ice chilled water to refresh the palette. I best describe my experience with Blue Label as an explosion of taste. It's one of the label's of the Johnnie Walker family that I will absolutely not share with every Tom, Dick & Harry but rather with close friends and family.

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