Monday, February 23, 2009

Party in Jakarta

OH!MY!FREAKING!GOD! Have anyone of you been to Jakarta and partied? It is insane dude!! And I mean IN"f&%^*ing"SANE! I don't think the party ever stops in Jakarta. My experience was incredible - literally shows you what money can do (not that I have alot of it but in Jakarta, everyone is a billionaire!!!). Anyway, it was a holiday that I've been waiting for ages coz I just needed a break away from Malaysia - somewhere no one can reach me over the phone, no emails, etc. So I went for a break with my brother and another friend of ours - also my brother!!
This is my brother on the left and our friend Sudesh. We had dinner at this restaurant in Jakarta called Lara Dutta or something like that but the food was fantastic.
Since we were on holiday, we literally freaked out. Went to this club called Club 36 - combination of karaoke and club in one building. Of course we were drinking Black Label and we were VIP's - money talks here.
Some of the people that we met at the club - people in Jakarta are very very friendly and always willing to help and guide others. And plus, these girls party real hard - harder than Malaysian people.
Some of my friend's friend.
This is one of the dancers at the club who reminded me so much of a colleague of mine - like they are twins or something. This girl is called Nam and she is from Thailand.
The famous Flaming Lamborghini shot - the trademark of my brother in getting people super drunk!
This is me and Nick (the one in the center) who works with Interlocal in Jakarta and he really sorted us out with the super VIP access and car and driver. He tha man!!!
Of all the people that I met during my stay here, this girl is probably the most interesting person. She is actually an engineering student and works part time in the club as a hostess - when I say hostess, I really mean hostess!! Not PR!!
Overall, my holiday didn't consist of any sight seeing except for some shopping that I did in Blok M - bought 6 t-shirts, 2 shirts and a cap from Polo Ralph Lauren for RM400 total! Beat that punks! My holiday was about eating, drinking, partying and getting buzzed and happy - something that I can no longer do in Malaysia due to certain matters - need to maintain ma!
My next vacation spot - Amsterdamm!!!

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