Thursday, February 12, 2009

I recently decided to take a drive to Genting Highlands. The last time I went there was in 2002 - alot have changed since. Can you believe that I almost got lost heading there - good thing (which is quite rare in this country) that the signage on the highway was pretty decent. Genting was genting as usual. This is what I conclude about that place - families travel there for some relaxing time - men throw their kids at the theme park, thrown their wives at the mall and they then gamble their wealth away - I lost big gambling as well - a whole RM20 in slot machines - now I gotta work O.T to make that cash back.
I always wanted to visit the Ripley vault so this was great and I met the world tallest man - he didn't have much to say coz he was made of wax! but he was good company. Agreed to all my views in life without any negative or positive feedback.
This was the world's first ever deck of cards produced!
The original Siamese twins - can you imagine having your brother stuck to you all the time - while you shower (in this case shower together), while you eat, sleep, driving must be a mission and worst of all, when you're having sex - geezzz.....eeeww!!!

This dude just looked weird caged up and all.

The worlds smallest show and BIGGEST shoes. Step aside Ronald, you've got a match you clown!
This guy is interesting - apparently he was the only human being that can stand in a human size microwave with a piece of raw meat and walk out unharmed with a cooked meat. Speak about keeping an eye on your cooking!
Now, this is suppose to be the world's luckiest chair - I will need to say it's only lucky in getting you "some-some" - if you know what I mean. Besides that, everything I asked for was no where in plain sight.
Who needs cookware when you've got this dude.
Ancient Indian's doing the small head sacrifice.
This guy got stabbed with this iron rod through his face and when he went to the doctor, he was advice that if the rod was removed, he will die. So guess what he did - he kept it and lived another 30 years. I think this is even worse than living with a Siamese twin stuck to you all the time.
Another guy in africa who has a piece of wood pierce through his heart - same doctor he went to coz he never removed it and lived longer than he expected. Literally having someone break your heart.
This guy was a frequent diver in the U.S. and during one of his diving adventure, he encoutered a difficult moment with a shark. He was bitten by the shark but he survived to tell the tale.
A baby coffin - pathetic and sad.
This is a human neck-chain that was used in ancient times to tie people.
A tiny living space of a midget.
This was a boat ride within the resort where is automated but has this weird looking doll at the back which is creepy!!
Some of the inside look & feel of the resort - where most rides are for the families.
Another shot of the weird dude at the back of the boat.

Outdoor shot of Genting from the heights.
Another beauty shot - iPhone takes good day-time shots!
Overall, it was nice being there for the day. Loved the cool weather and the lovely scene. It's definitely not a place to stay over and spend a few nights if you don't gamble. The food is expensive and the rides are ok! only!

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