Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Stuff

Ok, I've always wanted to write without having any connection whatsoever to anything that I'm writing about. See if I can succeed in doing that gracefully.
So recently we celebrated Christmas worldwide. Didn't even feel Christmas-sy here. There was no joy feeling and nothing was merry about the day coz everyone was walking around a stick up their ass! The decoration however was pretty nice around town.
This was a display outside of Pavilion and obviously people were attracted to see what the heck it was. I couldn't figure it out. I gave up!
This was also outside Pavilion - yea! you read my mind - looks like an expired ice-cream! Who thinks of the colors for these things anyways!!???
I finally picked up golfing regularly. I use to hit the driving range before but that was very much when I'm in the mood only. Now I'm dedicated every Saturday and Sunway or else my friend will literally kick my sweet ass!
These are my golf clubs in my Johnnie Walker golf bag - nice ahhhh!!!!
My car finally hit 88,888 km/h and for a car that's just turned 4 years old, it runs pretty smooth and it's quite the looker. Will upload more pics of my car when I have it. This baby is gonna be handed over to my parents so that they can get rid of the stupid sorry ass excuse they have that they call a "Car!!"
I didn't do that bad - now my story is over. Peace!!!

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