Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Visit To Surabaya, Indonesia

My job takes me places. When I was in Malaysia, my job took me all over Malaysia. And now that I'm in Indonesia, it takes me everywhere here. My market visit last week took me to Surabaya. This is such an under-stated city. It is the 2nd biggest major city in Indonesia after Jakarta. The city is vibrant and full of life.
I stayed at the JW Marriot of course - that's how we roll in Diageo. The room is real comfy. The bed was awesome.
Yes yes - it was awesome.
A hotel room with a tub and a shower says alot.
The tub - duh!!!
Pantry and mini bar - thank GOD they have beer!
We then went to have dinner at this place called Eclastic. Kinda like a pub/bar with love band. Pretty cool. But our food came from the restaurant next door (same owners) called "D'Kampeoung". Very traditional and super yummy. I will let the pictures speak for itself.
Super spicy dawg!!!!
Another super spicy meal but freaking yummy!!!!
Yet another.

I ended up picking Nasi Kuning with Ayam Sambal and Tempe Sambal.
Which immediately was followed by this drink called "Ice Manado" - made out of dairy milk, coconut, lychee and sprite. Excellent but not a good idea before drinking booze :(
This is Surabaya Town Square - something like TTDI plaza in KL but bigger and more happening places.
My agency people just happy to be drinking after all those market visits to "fun" places.
And of course the next morning, a nice hot cup of coffee was much needed to cure the lack of sleep.

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lesnor123 said...

Good blog…This is one of the super duper Surabaya hotels that I found awesome too…I found the dishes a trifle spicy but delicious and the sights were really amazing!