Monday, October 4, 2010

The Right or Wrong Move

You know when you look forward to something so much and when you get it and to only realize that it's not meant for you - have you been in that situation?
I think I am right now. Don't quite know if this was the right move! So many uncertainties. So many questions? So many "What If's"! So many "So"??!!
I think I'll give it a year. You know what they say - Home is still Home no matter what!!

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Just Me said...

hmmm i know wat u mean but sometimes when somethings have been chosen u just have to look at the bright side of things. so perhaps instead of having negative "what if" thoughts, enjoy and experience what u have there. think of how lucky u r to ve been given this chance to experience something n imagine if u didn't take this chance. u'll always wonder then what if i took it? at least now u tried it and u know u dun like it - so next time u know wat to do if this happens again. :) n yes home will always be home no matter wat...