Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Are You? Who Am I?

The world is changing and is becoming more demanding and the pressure of lifestyle and coping, gets tougher to keep up with. Does that mean, we change who we are to fit in or do we find that place where we fit in with our current beliefs and principles in life? I would think the latter.
Recently a very close and dear friend of mine made not 1 but 2 mistakes. Something that she thought she would never do and in fact critised when others did it but recently she found herself in those exact same shoes - not once but twice. She realised it was a huge mistake and almost immediately she also realised the reputation she had brought onto her.
On my end, I was very disappointed to learn that she did something that we all believed was a cheap act for attention. I never once thought that she would do such a thing. I care for all my friends and she is definitely a dear friend so my diappointment and sadness reaches another level.
So much potential but this proves, that those who you think are friends turn out to be nothing but useless bastards and bitches. True friends don't let you do those things and will stop you from making a mistake. These are not your true friends.
I just hope and pray that she realises it and comes out of whatever dilemma she is in right now.
For now, all I can do is lend support.

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