Thursday, May 6, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

I was like a little kid high on sugar running around Toys'R'Us - that was me in Universal Studios Singapore. To be honest, it wasn't all that great compared to the one in America but to be fair, it just opened up in Singapore and so they need time to get things running and operating well. Overall, I was impressed on the warm hospitality that the people who work there demonstrated to us.
The run down is as follows:
1 Day Adult Pass - SGD$66 (but you get in return a SGD$10 Retail Voucher and a SGD$15 F&B Voucher) - so technically the cost of the entry ticket is SGD$41
The rides that were open:
1. Mummy Ride - absolutely recommend this as there are loads of unexpected-ness in this ride
2. Juraccis Park ride - pretty cool. Legs hanging.
3. Shrek 4D - worth the experience - its 4D!!!
4. Tea Cup - ok la to get high without alcohol
5. Monsters Rock - nice musical
The other rides were under maintainence but if they were open, the double coaster would have been the BOMB!!!
There are loads of street attractions too that are worth watching. Just check out the pictures below. I will definitely head back next year when everything is full swing.
And those who think you can resist buying things from the gift shop - think again! I got suckered into it!

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