Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hennessy Artistry - Ying Yang Twins

Who doesn't love a good party? Especially when it's free flow all night long with Hennessy. Artistry hit the ground on July 25th 2009 with great artist line up. Held in one of the venues where almost anything could be done, Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena was the ground where it all went down.
The set up was fantastic. We could all see where the money was spend. The exterior was pretty straight forward - similar to last years entrance which makes sense because if something isn't broken, why fix it right. The huge walk way entrance was breathe taking.
We, being Malaysian's a bit kan-cheong la - worried that we might end up standing in line for hours, decided to get there a lot earlier than most people. We were not the only one's there early :). The organizers were kind enough to pass me a VIP parking pass which allowed us to park inside the party zone. Still had a bit of walking to do but that was good coz after all that drinking, sober time was needed.
I got my hand tag well before the event but my friends had to register first before they were handed their tags. Before getting to the registration counter though, we had to be tested for fever as part of the organizers initiative to keep the crowd clean, clear and healthy from any H1N1 infections. Once we did all that, we walked into the arena to partyyyyy!!!
Upon entering, there was a bar serving various cocktail mixes with Hennessy as a sampler but guess what - people were downing them like it was the only bar in the arena - typical. We didn't coz we knew what was in store at the main room - insider information la.
There were also DJ booths to test your mixing skills - both of audio as well as video mixing. Video mixing has been around since 1998 but not many execute it - wonder why. I had the chance to do this is 1998 when I was working as a DJ in a club back then -it ain't easy mate. Also, there were areas where you can chill which was away from the main room - in case you needed "alone" time to clear your head.
The main bar was flowing mate - and when I say flowing, I mean "FLOWING!!" There was no lack of alcohol and in fact, we had to actually stay away from the bar due to over-alcohol availability. We had a fantastic waiter who kept feeding and stocking our table with booze.
Most of us had zone passes. The area was split into Zone:
Zone V - is for trade customers.
Zone S - for Media
Zone O - for CRM
Zone P - for celebrities and KL socialites.
Despite having VIP zone passes, we decided to stay on neutral ground where the real partying happened.
One of the performers - HOT!HOT!HOT! Taiwanese with an American accent. She could move her ass man! I mean MOVE HER ASS!!! She got the entire ground drooling over her. That was the first time, I really wanted to be on stage :(
The Ying Yang Twins - so don't match the name but theire performance was alright only la. They were not that great but the fact that they are from America and are hip-hop artists, created the stage presence.
If you ask me, Fatman Scoop was a lot better. He did numbers from Michael Jackson and other cover songs which was very very entertaining. He tried to do the moon-walk but let's face it - 300 pounds of weight trying to move smoothly on stage - not happening but it was entertaining to see him try doing it. At some point, we were all doing our moon-walks coz after 20-30 glasses of Hennessy, everyone becomes Michael Jackson and Tupac.
My partner in crime- Mr.Clyde - Notorious BIG - white version. We had lots to drink at this point so we made a pact that every photograph taken, needs to be decent so that we don't get in trouble with people - "wink wink"!
I realised that most of the VIP were actually on the neutral ground - this is Yean from Zouk Club and she was partying her hat-off with the general population - the people that know how to party and who are not interested in looking good or being proper at a party - literally not posers la. Again, a decent photograph.
Here I'm with Vythi and Shereen. I dragged them down from the Zone P to the gen-pop zone. After several continous drinks, they ran away.
In summary, great party, good crowd. They clocked in close to 6,000 people at the venue. The venue didn't look like a temporary venue and in fact looked like a permanent structured club. There were so many familiar faces and it was fun to see everyone shaking their asses off to good music, non-stop flow of Hennessy and good friend.
Till the next one - keep the mixes flowing.

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