Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

2009 seems to be a tragic year. We have been loosing so many rare and talented individuals who can never be replaced.
Yasmin Ahmad - a truly exceptional woman. One of a kind. Generous. Modest. Kind hearted. Welcoming. Honest. Faithful. Creative.....the list can go on and on and on.....
I knew her when I was working in Leo Burnett back in 2004. She is what I would describe as "a mesmerizing person". I mean, the office can be filled with talented and creative people but when she walks into a room, without saying a single word, she takes control.
I've asked her many time when she was gonna feature me in her movies but she kept saying that "She wanted to keep me a secret" - clearly means that I'm not a movie star material but it's the way she said it that it didn't sound demoralizing.
She will be truly missed. Malaysia has lost a true talent who made a difference in this world for this country. Someone who stood what she believe in - which is very rare in Malaysia today.
Yasmin - although you are gone physcially, spiritually and mentally, you live in all of us.

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