Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?????

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I've just been soooo caught up with work and personal stuff that blogging just became less of a priority. But there are people that I made a promise to - that I will update my blog so that they can read what I've been up to.
So, question is, what have I been up to?? And the list begins:
1. I got engaged and am getting married in August
2. I sold all my cars
3. I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and have been working here since July 2010
4. I suggested some bar names for a friend who is opening a bar in KL and they liked it. So, look out for Chip 'n' Dale
5. I'm the Head of Marketing for Diageo brands in Indonesia
6. I tried resigning but got rejected. I now spend 1 week in KL and 1 week in Jakarta and still handle Indonesia
7. I kick started Johnnie Walker's F1 lifestyle events in Jakarta and the first big party is on April 16th 2011. Venue: Classified to the privileged few.
8. My family is a family now
9. I have a mother-in-law who loves me to bits. And her daughter - even deeper bits.
10. I realized who my true friends are now
11. I recognize who the users are too.
12. I learned that distance is for those who really can disconnect from the world. I just can't!
13. I don't want to be in a top post in my career. I want to be as grounded as I can to make a difference to a brand
14. I appreciate Malaysia traffic now
15. I rarely drive these days - Jakarta traffic not friendly at all.
16. Malaysian's are ALOTTTTTTT smarter and have thinking power - go figure.
17. Jakarta is a heaven for men. Once happy hour is over, it's hell for those who work here.
18. Everyone is friendly - too friendly that nothing happens.
19. I love my Blackberry
20. I don't like the iPhone anymore
21. We own an iPad now purely for games
22. I need to get back into the popularity game in KL - thru the cash game
23. I am thinking about kids already
24. I have a long way in my career
25. I am freaking good at what I do and I won't compromise or defer!!
26. I will always own Black Circuit - hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! And Cyril too!!!!!!!
27. I have 2 best friends who have my best interest in their heart
28. I no longer need to pay full price when buying luxury cars :p suckers....
29. I no longer need to apply for bank loan to buy a car :P suckers....
30. There is nothing wrong with you - it's everyone else that is weird and retarded.

Wow! All that only took me 2 minutes to list out and now I'm tired. I'm sure I can cook up a list if I went on but I will stop for now. So, everyone, I'm doing absolutely freaking awesome.
Thank you all for being there for me. For those who aren't here anymore, I wish you all the best. No stress. No anger. Life goes on!

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Bee Cheng said...

congrats!! u're finally getting married.