Sunday, February 7, 2010

500 Days of Summer

So, I finally watched the movie. I must agree that this movie totally relays love messages quite well. I mean, in the movie, Summer actually confronted Tom in the fall of their relationship - well, relationship for Tom but just another day for Summer.
It's definitely not another love story - as clearly indicated by the Director at the beginning of the movie. This isn't your typical "Boy Meets Girl" - "Girl Meets Boy" - "Boy and Girl Fall in Love - " Boy and Girl fight" - "Boy and Girl Fall Back in Love" ' "Wedding Bells Ring!". Nope, definitely not that. As the DVD says, Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loves Girl, but Girl Doesn't!
I get it that, in love, nothing is certain. But to say that absolutely nothing is certain - I disagree. On several levels, the movie potrays the true essence of a relationship. Tom falls madly in love with Summer but Summer on the other hand, isn't really looking for something serious and merely just wants to have fun with no strings attached. Hey! I'm all for that really. How rare is it that a girl can tell you that all she wants is mind-blowing sex and nothing more?
But what puzzles me is this - Summer and Tom spend quality time together. They go shopping together, have dinners together, attend a wedding together and of course, have that mind-blowing sex - obviously together. In my world, this all means that they are getting to know each other and are getting comfortable with each other. Then all of a sudden, she decides he's not the one for him or rather, she cannot see herself growing old with him? Puzzling don't you think? Maybe she realised that someone that she has spend all this time with isn't the one for her which is fine and I was okay with all that until - until the end of the movie.
Summer actually tells Tom that she is married - Hold On! But we thought that she didn't want anything serious - how do we know this? SHE TOLD TOM THAT! Kinda hypocritical right!
Then she goes on to say that the guy that she married, is someone that approached her in a deli and very briefly after that, they are married. So let me see if I get this: She knows Tom very well but realises that he isn't the one - keeping in mind that he never cheated on her, never lied to her, never betrayed her trust. But instead, she married someone that she doesn't know and who could turn out to be a psycho? Nice! I get it! Actually, I don't! I really don't!
If I can summarize this movie how I see it - don't bother getting to know someone that well! Instead, just marry him or her and hope for the best! Gosh! This is complicated!
If you ask me, marrying someone without loving that person and learning to love that person after the wedding - this is called ARRANGED MARRIAGE which I'm totally Okay with really. I mean, look at our parents - most of them are arranged and they are fine. But I think we should all be true to ourselves and accept that if this is what we want, then we shouldn't get into a love relationship. I know I have! In fact, I've even accepted the fact that perhaps I'm not made for a relationship let alone a marriage. Guess, my destiny is bachelorhood - seems to be a simple solution.
FATE - I still believe in this. If 2 people met - it was fated. If 2 people fall in love, it was fated. If 2 people get married, it was destiny. If they ever fall out of love, then it's in their own hands to fix it.
Maybe I'm wrong, Maybe I'm right! Whatever it is, people have their own beliefs and I shall not impose in what they think and feel. All I know is that, I'm happy. Not everyone can relate their life to a movie because movies are made for entertainment and not as a solution or an answer to a problem.

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Just Me said...

hmmm but if you go ahead with an arranged marriage - like what you said about the move - they might turn out to be a psycho. isn't that scary?